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La resistance somalienne

Jamadi-ul-Awwal 22, 1431 A.H, Friday, May 07, 2010

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

All Praise and thanks are due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists and may peace and prayers be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions in entirety.

News from Somalia: 27/04 – 03-05-2010 – 13-19/J-Awal/1431

Battalions of the Mujahideen have conquered some more parts of Hodan district by force

Area: Hodon district, Mogadishu.

Intense fighting occurred between the Mujahideen and puppet terrorists allied with the polytheist militia in the Hodon and Waberi districts.

The dead corpses of the puppet terrorists and the polytheist militias were lying in the areas of Dabka road, Si’gale road and the Workers road. The AMISOM pagans in the Si’gale road joined the fighting after it lasted for an hour.

The enemies suffered huge casualties, even thought the exact numbers are unknown. The Mujahideen are at the moment in the places where the fighting took place.

The Mujahideen have eliminated many puppet terrorists and polytheists militias in the Dabka road, Mogadishu.

Area: Hawlwadag district, Mogadishu

The Mujahideen have been victorious in a battle that was fought in the Dabka road, which is on the frontiers in Mogadishu. The puppet terrorists and polytheist militias, controlled a checkpoint on the Dabka road, and by the Grace of Allah the Mujahideen were able to kill more than 6 of them and their dead copses were dragged to the Bakara junction.

The tribes of Tuni and Gibil'Ad have voluntary disarmed themselves to the Islamic Administration of the Lower Shabelle.

Area: Lower Shabelle Province

The Islamic administration of the Lower Shabelle province have received arms from some of the Somali tribes in the town of Bara’we following the announcement of the tribes elders that they would participate in the Jihad.

A huge event took place in the town of Bara’we were tribe leaders and the leaders of the Islamic Administration came together. The tribe leaders handed over 35 rifles. Those tribes who handed over their weapons are the tribes of Tuni and Gibil'Ad; they also declared that from this day onwards they are in the ranks of the Mujahideen and against the pagan disbelievers & puppet terrorists.

Mujahideen overran a military training camp of the puppet terrorists in Hiiraan & acquired war booty.

Area: Beledweyne, Hiiraan province

The Mujahideen have chased away the puppet terrorists and polytheists militias that were gathering in a place 60 km outside the city of Beledweyne.

These militias were gathering and receiving military training in the village of Baar, but they Mujahideen were successful in pursuing those militias away, and they seized pickup trucks mounted with heavy machine guns, and PKM machine guns from the enemy. The puppet terrorists and polytheists had been receiving military trainings from Ethiopian officers in the past days.

The Mujahideen have cleansed the Middle Shabelle of thieves and criminal gangs.

Area: Bal’ad and Jowhar, Middle Shabelle Province

The Islamic Administration of the Middle Shabelle province has under started a large scale of operations; cleared the town of Bal’ad and Jowhar of thieves, criminal gangs and pirates. The Mujahideen have captured many armed gangs, while others were injured. Those who were captured will be judged in an Islamic Court. The Mujahideen have now cleared the road that connects Bal’ad and Jowhar from armed gangs.

At least 40 innocent civilians were martyred & up to 70 injured in a triple sequel explosion that was planted in the Al Nilen Mosque at Bakara market.

Area: Bakara market, Mogadishu City

The casualties that the Muslim people have suffered are increasing, and many of the Ahlu Tawheed people have been martyred. The doctors of Dayniile hospital have confirmed that 19 of those who arrived at the hospital with serious injuries got martyrdom. Amongst those injured was the Mujahid, Shaykh Fua’ad Mohamed Khalaf (ha). A mine was planted underneath his seat, but Alhamdulillah no serious harm touched him, other than a lightly injury on his left arm. Sources had earlier indicated that Black-Water has entered Somalia and now they are believed to be stationed in the Halane military base. They are believed to be behind these cowardly attacks, but the Mujahideen are planning to avenge on behave of the martyred innocent common folks, the People of Monotheism, Allah Willing.

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